Mountain Weddings

Mountain Weddings and Mountain Wedding Photography Queenstown, New Zealand

Moke Lake Wedding ceremony Queenstown

Carolyn & Sean’s Wedding

Carolyn and Sean had a beautiful, sunny day for their Moke Lake wedding. They were joined by friends and family from Auckland who had come down to be with them.

Kate & Scott’s Wedding

Kate & Scott came over from Australia for their Heli Elopement Wedding in Queenstown. Spring weather makes thing change quickly here in Queenstown so we decided to move it earlier as a front was coming in.

Queenstown Winter Wedding in the snow

Chanel & Jacob’s Wedding

Chanel & Jacob visited from Auckland. This was their first time to Queenstown – and they enjoyed every moment of it!

Family heli wedding in Queenstown

Renae & Jeffrey’s Wedding

Renae & Jeffrey visited from Australia with their two daughters for a winter wedding. With a snow storm forecast for the afternoon, we made the desicion to fly earlier and beat the storm.

Queenstown winter Heli elopement

Emily & Jaime’s Wedding

Cecil Peak Emily & Jaime are from the West Coast of New Zealand. Even though they live in New Zealand, this was their first time to Queenstown. Emily was really excited for her first time in a Heli too.

Winter wedding in the snow

Jacob & Rada’s Wedding

The Ledge & Garden Spurs Jacob and Rada flew from the States to New Zealand for first time. There was a lot of first’s on this trip and the flying in a helicopter for their wedding was the most exciting!!

Queenstown Winter Wedding ceremony at Lochnagar

Lizzie & Geoffrey’s Wedding

Lochnagar Wedding Lizzy and Geoffrey had an amazing love story to tell. They came over from Australia for their wedding here in Queenstown. After picking them up from St Moritz we drove to the hangar to meet our pilot and celebrant Glennys.

Heli wedding in Queenstown

Christian & Bianca’s Wedding

Winter Heli Wedding Christian & Bianca joined us with two friends from Melbourne. They decided to have a small Heli ceremony first in the mountains.

Lake Isobel Wedding in Queenstown

Melissa & Trent’s Wedding

The Ledge and Lake Isobel Melissa & Trent joined us from Australia to embark on a new adventure. They decided to get married on The Ledge. It was a beautiful Autumn day for a wedding, with vivid blue skies.

Mountain wedding at Lake Isobel Queenstown

Niamh & Patrick’s Wedding

The Ledge & Lake Isobel Niamh & Patrick joined us from Ireland and decided to get married with their two friends joining them at The Ledge, as a first stop to their double drop for the ceremony. Tracey Maclaren Celebrant had the pleasure of pronouncing Niamh & Patrick to be married.

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