The Helicopters

Not all helicopters are the same - we ony fly with large turbine helicopters as safety and comfort is paramount for us


Squirrel AS350 | 5 - 6 passengers

The Squirrel is a classic helicopter used all over the world. The Squirrel is great for weddings and fits 5-6 passengers depending on weights. This is the helicopter all our packages are based on
Length: 10.93 m (35 ft 10½ in)
Maximum speed: 287 km/h (155 knots, 178 mph)
Cruise speed: 245 km/h (132 knots, 152 mph)

Heli Weddings Squirrel Helicopter


Eurocopter EC130B4 | 6 passengers

This is the ultimate helicopter, with exceptional design to maximise the views, leather seats, low noise, making this an amazing machine for weddings.
Length: 10.68 m (35 ft)
Maximum Speed: 287 km/h (155 knots, 178 mph)
Cruise speed: 240 km/h (130 knots, 150 mph)

Heli Weddings Eurocopter EC 130 B4
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